Hardwood floors are a great way to bring elegance to your home. However, there are many types of hardwoods. Tom Garcia gives us a look at which might be best for your home. His guest this morning was Marty York with Floors by Marty.

Hardwood can be purchased to be finished after it is installed or finished before it is installed. While the end result is the same, they are very different processes. For a floor to be finished after installation, the homeowner would need to be away from the home for a week or more. However, pre-finished flooring can be walked on right away.

New flooring technology has brought us Engineered hardwood floors. Basically, a plywood substrate is veneered with the hardwood. Once installed, it looks just like regular hardwood but has several advantages. The most important advantage is cost savings. Because the expensive hardwood is only used as a layer and not all the way through, the cost is significantly less than solid hardwood. In addition, the plywood substrate makes the floor very stable over the seasons thereby creating less gaps in the floor joints.

When is hardwood not hardwood? When it is tile. That is correct. Tile has now been produced to mimic hardwood. It is great for using in wet areas such as a bath or laundry room. It can even be used outside. Tile hardwood has become widely available and so the cost has come down. It lays like regular tile but once installed, can look exactly like hardwood. It comes in many different wood specie colors and various plank sizes. It has really created a revolution in the flooring industry because of its durability yet ability to look like real hardwood.

One of the least expensive ways to get a hardwood look is with laminate flooring. However, laminate does not do very well in wet areas. Now however, there is vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood and is totally impervious to moisture. It comes in numerous color and styles and is installed like regular vinyl flooring. It is a great alternative when budget is an issue and the look of hardwood is desired.

If you have any questions for Tom you can email him at Tom@southernevergreen.com.