Valentine’s Day is known as the day for lovers of all ages, but we can also make this day for self-love as well. Jill White-Huffman is a local licensed professional Counselor and Marriage Family Therapist. She joins the morning show to with a few tips to make sure there's enough love to go around this February 14th.

First in foremost, self-love counts as anything that makes you happy and aids to your health and well-being.

Self-love is so important, especially during the holidays. Having love for ourselves is what keeps us from feeling lonely, whether we’re in a relationship or not. Self-love gives us the power to be in control of our own happiness, instead of the power being given to other people. And remember, you have to be able to care and love for yourself before you love someone else.

Some helpful ways to self-love on Valentine's Day or any other day include: Pampering yourself by doing special things you like to do. Surrounding yourself with positive energy, like friends and family that care about you. Acknowledging when you are upset instead of ignoring or downplaying it. And praising yourself for something when you self-critique.

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