Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?

Many cell phone aficionados have gone to great lengths to get great service.

That's why WFMY News 2 viewer Mary Elizabeth reached out to Good Morning anchor Meghann Mollerus with a question to VERIFY:

"Hi, Meghann! Have you ever been in an area with bad cell service and raised your phone up over your head in an effort to catch a better signal? Could this be something to VERIFY? It might be silly, but what if?"


To VERIFY, we consulted technology expert Kent Meeker from TechScout.


"Hey, Mary, that is a great question," Meeker said.

"I've seen people do this in movies, where they hold their phone up like they're pulling down the internet or wireless giant into their phones. It doesn't actually work that way. Reflection and (other) things make a difference."

There is another hack that might work.

"What you can do is put your phone into airplane mode. If you put it in airplane mode just for a second, and then take it back out, that typically will cause your cellular signal inside the phone to go back out and look again. And, if there happens to be a weak signal, (it'll) pull it back down."


In conclusion, Meeker helped us VERIFY holding up your cell phone over your head will not typically increase your signal. Try the airplane mode trick instead.


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