Is it too cold to snow?

Viewers have been asking our meteorologists that question over the past few days. It's easy to see why, when we look at the sub-freezing temperatures lingering across most of the country.


To VERIFY, we consulted Good Morning Show co-anchor and meteorologist Eric Chilton.


Eric explained there is always some moisture in the air. But, the colder the air, the less moisture in the atmosphere. Colder usually equals drier. So, it is hard for heavy snow to develop in extreme cold, even though it's possible.

The more moisture the air can hold means a greater chance of bigger snowflakes. An ideal temperature for heavier snow would be right at freezing or just below, as opposed to single or negative temperatures. So it makes sense why, when the Triad had its first snowfall of 2017 in early December, temperatures were warmer than they are now.


We verified it's never too cold to snow, but the colder (and drier) it is, the less likely it is to snow.


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