The savory, greasy biscuits are some of the best in town. So if we told you there is a way to win free Bojangles' for a year, you'd probably be pretty excited. Too good to be true? That's something a WFMY News 2 viewer asked Meghann Mollerus to verify.

LouAnn Williams from Graham wrote, "Hi, Meghann. Is it true Bojangles' is having a contest where they're giving away free food for a year to some lucky winner?"


The Bojangles' website does show a contest you can enter for one year of free Bojangles.' But how does it work? What's the catch?

To verify, we reached out to Bojangles' corporate and received a response from public relations specialist Cliff Cermak.


Cermak explained there is, indeed, a contest happening in honor of the 40th anniversary. Anyone can enter on the Bojangles' homepage.

Here is how it works: when you enter, you decide if you want to receive text or e-mail alerts. At any given time in the next few weeks, you could receive a "go live" notification with instructions. The person who responds the fastest is the grand prize winner.

The grand prize winner receives free Bojangles' for a year...kind of.

We verified the winning prize is actually $500-worth of gift cards. So, it should last someone an entire year but not necessarily. The next five-fastest customers will receive $100 Bojangles' gift cards, and the next-fastest 81 winners will receive smaller-amount gift cards.


Back to Williams' question -- is there a contest to win free Bojangles' for a year? Yes, it's true, but you have to enter online and look for that notification and then respond quickly. If you're the grand prize winner, it's up to you to make your $500 gift card winnings last a year.


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