Usually, it's standard protocol for cooking or baking -- pre-heating your oven. You'll probably be doing a lot of that this holiday season, preparing for Christmas dinner or a holiday party.

That's why Good Morning Show director Angela Haire had a question she wanted verified. Angela said she received the mailer from Duke Energy with tips to save energy. One of those tips is not to pre-heat your oven, unless you're baking, because it wastes energy. She said as a person who cooks, she was curious what a professional chef would say.


We took Angela's question to a Greensboro chef, Reto Biaggi of Reto's Kitchen.


Chef Reto explained the oven (usually) needs to pre-heat for approximately 20 to 25 minutes until it reaches your cooking temperature.

"It's important to do it. Doing it for a long time, I'm sure, wastes energy. It's just a matter of planning. If you open the door of the oven, the temperature drops. The walls of the oven are still hot, and that's what keeps your oven at temperature. So, you don't want to open it too much."


The reason you need to pre-heat the oven for certain foods like biscuits, for example, is because if the temperature fluctuates, they don't bake evenly throughout.

Back to Angela's inquiry, our professional chef suggests she continue to pre-heat, as specified on the recipe. But, try to keep the oven door closed as much as possible to conserve energy.


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