When it comes to parenting, everyone has a different idea of what’s best for kids. People might be tempted to say something when they disagree. But, women who are confident in their parenting aren’t easily swayed.

People tend to criticize because of a “know it all” attitude. If the way they parent works for their kids then surely, their way will work for your kids. And this isn’t necessarily the case. Keep in mind that there’s more than one to raise kids. Think about the parenting differences between moms and dads, which isn’t always the same. And yet, kids turn out just fine. 

Confident moms have tough skin and yet, they are willing to listen to other points of views. As long as the ideas are helpful, you, a confident mom, will consider different ideas. But, if advice comes across as “you’re parenting is wrong” then you'll ignore what they tell you. 

The best way to handle unsolicited advice is by being tactful and assertive. You can say something like, “I appreciate your ideas. I’ve got this.” Or, "That's interesting. I'll think about it." And some moms won't get your hint and continue to be persistent. When this happens then you have to be more assertive. You might have to say, “Stop, please. I’m gonna handle the situation my way.”

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