Oprah’s Golden Globes speech captivated millions with the hope of the new beginnings of the ways women are believed. For too long, women have been shut down with pervasive doubts and powerful nay sayers.

I want to take a closer look at Oprah’s speech and talk about its impact on the younger generation of women.

Oprah’s speech gives young girls a voice. Young girls today are now growing up in a world where their truth will be heard/believed. And the more voices heard, the louder the change. As women in my generation, we’ve had a voice, but our voice was heard only in silent movies, this is my way of saying that our voice was quieted by people who didn’t believe, by people who didn’t help, by people who ignored what they saw.

Oprah made a powerful statement: “Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” This is what I know, it takes guts to speak your truth. It takes guts to stand alone and be scrutinized when you know the easier choice is to remain silent. It’s easier to let fear silence you. But easy doesn’t equal change. Easy doesn’t allow for “Their time is up.”

Parents, you help their daughters speak their truth. Most importantly, believe your daughters. Teach them to be courageous in the face of fear. Let them know that speaking their truth can be lonely. Let them know that not everyone will stand by them. Tell them that’s ok not be liked. Stand by them when they speak up for themselves. Stand up for them when they’re not believed. Your daughters will remember and pull from your strength when they’re facing the world alone.

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