GREENSBORO, NC -- May 1917: Long Hospital admitted its first patient. May 2017: Wesley Long Hospital staff celebrates a century of achievements and looks forward to more medical milestones in the future.

In 1914, Dr. John Wesley Long, a Randolph County native, started practicing surgery and had a vision. He saw a need for more hospital beds and operating capacity in Greensboro, so he bought a residence on N. Elm street.

Fast forward to 1916, when Dr. Long asked his aunt Jane for $1,200 to help run his new hospital.

During that time, America was in the thick of World War I. Even then, Long recognized a disparity in health care for African Americans vs. Caucasian Americans. He said, "When this war is over, if we live through it, I propose making arrangements to accommodate all people."

Over 10 decades, Wesley Long Hospital (now at 2400 W. Friendly Ave.) has done that and more. It has expanded and gained national recognition for countless achievements in healthcare. Read all about them here.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary, Wesley Long Hospital employees will assemble 200 first aid kits for the United Way of Greensboro on Monday from noon to 2.