Most folks love their cookies and Oreo lovers make up a huge percentage of cookie lovers.
They will tolerate the double stuff or the Golden Oreo's but will they be able to stomach this....
The Jelly Donut flavor!
The flavor's real, but you'll only be able to find a bag at Walmart beginning today!
It's a store exclusive, which shouldn't be too surprising, since it was one of three varieties people could vote on last year to bring to life.
The jelly donut variety features Golden Oreo cookies with a dual-layer creme filling featuring an inner circle of raspberry, while the outer ring tastes like custard.
Each package goes for $2.89, and they'll only be available for a limited time.

Now on to more serious news.... an Arizona man who wore a pasta strainer on his head for his drivers license picture.
(I told you it was serious) Meet Sean Corbett a practicing Pastafarian....those are people who believe the world was created in 4 days by a flying spaghetti monster.
Their religious garb? You guessed it....a pasta colander tied to one's head.
He wore it in his drivers license picture and now the Arizona DMV says it's not valid. He is protesting on the basis of religious freedom.
The DOT says it didn't pass their facial recognition scan and must therefore be taken again without the colander.

Now, if you don't think this is a real thing... Google "pastafarian drivers license images".