Every now and again adults can learn life lessons from kids...and Braden Baker is holding class these days!
He's not your average 10-year-old boy.

Not because he's hearing impaired, but because he has made it his mission to give the gift of hearing to children who otherwise can't afford a hearing aid on their own.

After the family dog ate a set of his hearing aids, mom had to spend $3,500 for a new pair. That got Baker thinking...what happens to the people who can't afford them?

Baker has been using his mom's Facebook page to post video updates about his goal and why he's trying to raise money.
His original goal of 1-thousand dollars has been obliterated...he's up to more than 11-thousand on his new Go Fund Me page.

This week, a news station in Lincoln, Neb., had some of the best high school football players in the state try their hand at giving the weather forecast on air. Several of the kids were Nebraska commits in the 2018 class.

They found out quickly that delivering the weather forecast is no easy task.