If you love a good Wendy's frosty every now and again....and who doesnt.... here's the best news you've heard all year.
For a one-time fee of $2 you can get a free frosty with every purchase...forever!
Wendy's recently announced the incredible deal saying that the fee gets you a key tag that you can use to get your frozen treat everytime you visit.
A portion of the money raised goes to the Dave Thomas Foundation which helps find forever homes for kids in foster care.And lets face it....this time of the year EVERYONE is looking for a good bargain.

And this one is for the animal lovers out there.

This time of the year everyone looks for great deals....even beavers!

Yes, it's a beaver that was caught on camera at a Dollar Store in Maryland.

It appears as though he's Christmas shopping as he peruses the asiles!

He was caught looking through rolls of gift wrap and tree lights before officials came to relocate him to a wildlife rehabilitation center.