If you were one of the millions who were freaked out by Amazon being down recently...we have an answer.
As Amazon explains it, some of its servers were operating rather sluggish, so a tech tried fixing it by taking a few billing servers offline. A fix straight from the company's playbook,

it says. "Unfortunately, one of the inputs to the command was entered incorrectly and a larger set of servers was removed than intended." Whoops.
But all is well in the kingdom today so ORDER AWAY!!!

Engadget reports....As for why the problem took so long to correct, Amazon says that some of its server systems haven't been restarted in "many years."

And this one is the cutest stories in history.

It seems two Louisville preschoolers are best friends...Jax Rosebush and Reddy Weldon are inseparable. So Jax wanted to get his haircut "Just like his best friend Reddy so they could trick their teacher and she wouldn't know which was which.

Yup, the haircut is the same but the kids don't even notice that they are from different races. This post went viral very soon after Jax's mother posted it.

Although there is an obvious difference between the two preschoolers, she said it shows that "hate and prejudice is something that is taught."