We begin with this entertainment news from USA Today. The twins are here! Of course we are talking about Beyone' and Jay Z's double dose of diapers.
Beyonce's father Matthew Knowles tweeted this out yesterday. It says "They're here! Happy birthday to the twins. Love Grandad."
Names and sexes of the twins have yet to be announced.
Blue Ivy will guide her siblings into the world of having "Pop Star Parents"!

This one comes from our own website.

A Seattle photographer is going viral after she photographed what was expected to be a regular bridal party shoot.

But during the shoot in Seattle, a little girl nearby was glued to the bride.

The little girl truly thought the bride was the princess from her favorite book.

"Her dad told me that she was obsessed with the Wilkie Collins series of books," Photographer Stephanie Cristalli said. "The book she was holding was Woman in White."

If you look closely you can see the picture on the cover of the book looked like the bride!