We've all heard the stories about the mailman battling the dogs as they try to deliver the mail but one delivery man in Louisianna should be called the UPS Dog Whisperer!

Meet Daniel Kidd. Daniel makes frequent deliveries to the home of Staci Burns in Athens, Louisianna and on this particular day he stopped to take a selfie with her dogs!

She put the picture on her Facebook page with a caption saying "when you have the best UPS man on the planet..."
The video has recieved over 1 million views and 14-thousand shares!

A man from Washington has been interviewing his daughter on video every "first day of school" from 1st grade all they way to her senior year in high school!

Kevin Scruggs says he would ask her what she did on her first day and what she is most excited about.

As a present for her senior year in high school he gave her a surprize video compellation of all 12 years!

The video has gone viral with more than 350-thousand views!