It's the day warm weather fans have been waiting months for SPRING!

Spring officially arrived at 6:28 this morning. The sun will be directly over the equator, marking the spring or vernal equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere. For the other half of the world in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be the first day of autumn.

It's one of two days out of the year — the other being the autumnal equinox in September — when the Earth' isn't tilted toward or away from the sun. This means an equal amount of daylight and darkness almost everywhere on Earth.
It's also one of only two days each year that almost every spot on Earth — except the poles — experiences a sunrise at due East and a sunset at due West.

Our next story involves two of the cutest kids we've seen in a while.

Having twins or any number of multiples is difficult but add in a few sleep issues and your then have a circus!

These twin toddlers were caught escaping from their cribs to have an overnight party - including a gymnastics session and a late night talk.

Two-year-old brothers Andrew and Ryan paid no mind to bedtime rules, as the pair were filmed sneaking from their beds to play in their room last Sunday night.

Even after parents Jonathan and Susana Balkin, of New York City, put them back to bed after a serious talk, they escaped for one more chat before putting themselves to sleep.