When Alessia Cara heard her name announced as the winner, she showed a look of surprise (open mouth) and disbelief. As she walked up to the stage, she shook her hands to release pent up, anxious energy.

If only all nominees won at the Grammy's. Since that's not the case, what does their body language say about what they're feeling the moment they win or lose.

Let's start with Kesha's response when Ed Sheeran won for Best Solo Pop Performance. Kesha has a great poker face; she tried to control her facial expression. But, you could a bit of surprise.

Pink's response suggested that she was happy for Sheeran. She threw her fist in the air, shouted "yes" and applauded for the winner.

What body language did you notice of those who won and didn't win? Share your thoughts with me on my Facebook page and on Twitter.