Is a costume just a costume? Let's examine this question. Costumes are about fantasy. You can pretend to be someone or something you’re not for Halloween night. You get a creative pass in expressing yourself artistically. Let’s talk about a few common costumes and what they imply about you.

• LAUGHTER: To show you’re a funny person. You’re the one who can make people laugh. A costume that makes people laugh shows that you're got a good sense of humor.
• STATEMENT: You can make a statement with your body or your cleverness. If you're proud of your body you may want to show it off by wearing clothing that is perceived as too tight, too short or too low. If you're witty, you can craft a costume that makes people think. For example, you might wear a fake black eye with the letter "P" on your shirt to show that you're a black-eyed pea.
• SCARY: To show your dark side by wearing blood, guts, brains, whatever. When you can scare someone it can give you a little ego boost.

The brilliance of costumes is that you can hide yourself in plain sight. I’d love to know what you’d add to this list. You can find my on my facebook page – Blanca Cobb- Body language expert. Or, email me at