GREENSBORO, NC -- The Wyndham Championship tees off three months from now, and Wyndham staff wants you to get a front-row seat to this year's world-class golf by signing up to volunteer!

The tournament runs Aug. 14 to 20 this year, and volunteer registration has already opened, because the tournament needs an average 1,700 volunteers to facilitate tournament needs.

Volunteers can choose among the following positions: Gallery Marshals, Shotlink Laser Operations, Operations, Practice Range, Special Needs, Sponsor Services, Tee Box Drink Distribution, Transportation Greeters, Volunteer Clothing, and Volunteer Food. Register here.

  • 1. Gallery Marshals (Individuals): These volunteers are stationed throughout the Sedgefield Country Club course to enforce crowd control and proper golf etiquette among spectators. Individuals are needed in addition to the groups that cover certain holes.

  • 2. Shotlink Laser Operators (Individuals): The Shotlink system is a platform for collecting and disseminating scoring and statistical data on every shot by every player in real time. Laser operators are stationed throughout the course with a trigger-controlled laser that measures the distance of each shot or putt. This information is used in television broadcasts, on PGA and the PGA TOUR App and on scoring monitors placed throughout the golf course. Individuals are needed in addition to the groups that cover certain holes.

  • 3. Operations: These volunteers work with the general setup and maintenance of the golf course; they work with various tournament committee members and vendors in the areas of golf carts, hospitality structures, signs and fencing among various other tasks. This area could also include setting up televisions, spreading mulch and much more.

  • 4. Practice Range: These people are asked to staff the practice range throughout the week, cleaning and sorting golf balls by brand and updating PGA TOUR player name plates when golfers arrive and depart the range.

  • 5. Special Needs: These volunteers assist physically-challenged spectators and those in need of extra assistance.

  • 6. Sponsor Services: This vital group services the hospitality areas throughout the golf course, including hospitality sky boxes, luxury suites, “4-Topps” terraces and viewing platforms.

  • 7. Tee Box Drink Distribution: This job includes restocking drinks on the tee boxes several times a day, as well as working with inventory control and pre-cooling drinks before they are loaded into the coolers.

  • 8. Transportation Greeters: These volunteers work at the bus loading and unloading area near the main entrance, welcoming arriving spectators and assisting departing fans to be sure they board the correct bus.

  • 9. Volunteer Clothing: This team sorts and delivers clothing to volunteers prior to their volunteer shifts.

  • 10. Volunteer Food: These vital volunteers sort, package and deliver snacks, drinks and lunches to volunteers throughout the course.

There is a small price to pay for volunteering, as volunteers need to purchase their volunteer attire. The volunteer package costs $50 (cost will increase to $55 on July 1) but it includes $450-worth of items.

  • Wyndham Championship Polo Golf Shirt

  • Tournament Hat

  • Poncho

  • Drawstring Bag

  • Volunteer Credential (admits all week)

  • Weekly Ticket Book (for a friend)

  • Volunteers will receive free parking, food, drinks and snacks while working.

Online ticket sales have opened. Purchase tickets here.