Thursday is National Best Friends Day. Friendships are good for your emotional health and here's how.

Friendships can add pizzazz to your life. Friends who care about you, give you emotional support, listen and understand without judging. And accept you with all your imperfections. And when you have an understanding and compassionate friend than life’s obstacles don’t seem as insurmountable. Friends can give you strength to push through. They can give you a sense of belonging.

Healthy friendships decrease your stress level. Good friends make you laugh, give a different perspective on life or what you’re going through, see your strengths, point out the best in you, find ways to help you overcome your weaknesses. Friendships can combat loneliness.

It isn't the number of friends you have; it's the quality of the relationship with your friends. You can have dozen of friends and have problems with them. So having 3 great friends is healthier than having 20 so-so friends.

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Blanca Cobb is a WFMY News 2 Contributing Editor, body language expert and keynote speaker/corporate trainer who covers nonverbal communication, psychology and behavior. Follow her @blancacobb. The opinions expressed in this article are exclusively hers.