OAK ISLAND, NC -- Several business along coastal North Carolina have shut down, putting a damper on many people's plans -- including getting married.

But, WFMY News 2's Meghann Mollerus met an Oak Island wedding planner who managed to beat Hurricane Matthew with sheer luck and "the Grace of God."

Alecia Davis-Geddings is literally "riding" out Hurricane Matthew on horseback.

"I wanted to take my family to Love Valley, NC -- there's a big rodeo up there."

She takes only two weeks off a year. Ironically this weekend, as Hurricane Matthew prepares to impact the North Carolina coast, is one of them.

"This year, it just so happened the storm was coming the same time I was planning to go out of town."

Gedding's company, Oak Island Photography and Weddings, plans up to three weddings each weekend. October, she says, is the most popular month for weddings along the island's gorgeous nine-mile beach.

"I hope it's the best day of their life! And I just think, of all the places they could get married, they choose little old Oak Island to start their lives!"

Her beach weddings always have an indoor backup plan. So, in her contract, she offers refunds only for a minimum category 2 hurricane.

"If the bridges close, the backup location that we use (a church) -- we cannot utilize. I've never had a storm of this caliber come through in the 10 years I've been doing this."

Maybe it'll be another 10 years, because this weekend, there will be no runaway bride...just a runaway wedding planner heading to a rodeo.

"By the grace of God, we're going to be in a rodeo!"

She said her brides for next weekend have already called, saying they're worried. She told them, "Let's get through this hurricane first, and we'll go from there."