GRAHAM, NC -- An injured man from Alamance County has a new lease on life and a new apartment thanks to some help from the community.

James Starke had lived in the same upstairs apartment in Graham for over 30 years.

But after breaking his leg several months ago, he could no longer climb the stairs.

That's when the Graham police department and neighbors stepped in to help.

They found him a new home and furniture.

"I guess I kind of want to cry at times," said Starke. “But it's nice to know there are great people that will help like that.”

Back in April, Starke says he was unloading his pick-up truck, when all of a sudden he took a wrong step.

"I fell down and that's when I found out that I broke my leg," said Starke.

He spent the summer living out of a motel because he couldn't go up and down the stairs at his old apartment.

Then last month, he fell again, this time in front of several police officers including Sgt. Adam Nicholson with the Graham Police Department.

“Morally, me and my guys, we just couldn't do anything but help him out,” said Nicholson.

Graham police teamed up with the community and found Starke a new ground-level apartment in Burlington the very next day!

“After 12 hours we had a bed, furniture, couch, money and food,” said Nicholson. “It was unreal the work that the people in the city have done.”

Days later, officers continue to check on Starke and his new apartment to make sure he has everything he needs.

“Having the relationship I have with him, you just stop what you're doing and make sure he's OK,” said Nicholson.

As he works to get back on his feet, Starke says he can't help but feel happy about his new place and the people who helped him.

“It was beyond the call of duty,” said Starke. “They are fine bunch of people that serve our town.”

Officers are also helping Starke to get a new wardrobe – working to find him shoes, shirts, and a new suit coat.

Cpl. Chris Denny with the Graham Police Department is also planning to help Starke with his car payments.

They are planning to start a GoFundMe page in Starke’s name.

Officers have managed to find Starke another apartment in Graham, closer to the police department.

The apartment is currently undergoing renovation.