TRIAD, NC – Authorities are issuing a warning about a dangerous new drug called "gray death" that could be making its way to North Carolina.

Police say it’s a deadly opioid cocktail made up of a mixture of four different opiates including heroin, synthetic opioids, fentanyl, and carfentanil - a tranquilizer for large animals like elephants.

The drug looks like concrete mix.

Officials say it's so powerful, users can overdose with just one dose.

Police say the drug is rising in popularity because it’s so affordable.

A drug user can buy the lethal cocktail for as low as $10 on the street.

There haven't been any reports of gray death popping up in North Carolina yet.

But Investigators are blaming the new drug for overdoses in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Dave Rose with the Winston-Salem Police Department says it’s only a matter of time before it shows up in North Carolina.

“We've seen an explosion of opioids. Now we see these concoctions that are more potent,” said Rose. “The unfortunate thing is when addicts hear about these more potent cocktails, they rush to them.”

Opioid addiction is already a big problem in the Triad.

Last year, Winston-Salem police responded to 160 heroin overdoses.

High Point Police responded to 191 heroin overdoses in 2017 -- a record high!

Statewide, heroin deaths are up 884% since 2010.

Rose is worried that the presence of gray death could make the drug problem much worse.

“I believe that calling this Russian roulette is an understatement,” said Rose. “You would have a better chance of surviving one round of Russian roulette then you will injecting this into your body.

Right now, law enforcement continues to focus on patrolling local highways and roads to intercept the drug as it enters the state.

Triad law enforcement agencies say they are aware of gray death but have not encountered the drug.