GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The first snow of the season isn't expected to cause too many problems on our roadways, but city crews are preparing just in case.

Street division workers with the City of Greensboro spent Thursday attaching plows and salt spreaders to about 40 trucks.

A scaled-down crew of roughly 12 workers will be in Friday night into Saturday morning to monitor road conditions, according to Mike Mabe, Streets Division Manager with the City of Greensboro.

"We want to be here in case things develop and we see more than we anticipate in terms of snow or ice," he explained. "So you always want to be prepared. You plan for the worst and hope that doesn't happen."

Crews are not brining roads this time around because rain is expected to fall ahead of the snow. Mabe says the rain would likely wash away the brine before the snow.

The city has 4,000 tons of salt stored at two locations.

"That should typically cover us for a winter in Greensboro. We typically plan for 2 or 3 events," Mabe said.

Mabe said his division will monitor the weather closely to see if any changes in plans are necessary.