GREENSBORO, N.C. -- There's a world championship for firefighting, and a group of Greensboro firefighters are competing for the title!

Five Greensboro Firefighters will travel to compete at the Firefighter Combat Challenge World Finals in Louisville, Kentucky from October 23-28.

Greensboro Fire Department Combat Challenge Team at the 2016 World Finals. 

Greensboro Assistant Fire Chief Dwayne Church says the team will compete in an obstacle course that involves climbing multiple flights of stairs, hauling heavy hose packs, carrying a 175-pound dummy, and much more - in full firefighter gear!

Team member Andy Weldon says this is the team's second year going to finals. He says last year, the women on their team won a national title.

The team members are Bruce Fields, Hannah Johnson-Hill, Temeka Brown, Cameron Williams and Andy Weldon.

Good luck, Greensboro firefighters!

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