GREENSBORO, NC -- Neighbors in the Bluford Park community of Greensboro want more police in their neighborhood after two men were shot at a community store in broad daylight.

The incident happened right before 6:00 Monday at the Neighborhood Grocery Store on Willow Road.

According to police, one man was shot in the leg and the other victim was shot in the hand.

Neighbors say it’s another step back in their battle against crime.

Within a quarter mile of the Neighborhood Grocery Store, police officers have responded to 63 crime calls in the past year.

The incidents range from assaults, to burglaries, to arson, and other shootings.

A spokesperson for the Greensboro Police Department say the area isn't necessarily a “hot spot” for crime -- the statistics are no higher than the rest of the city.

But for Tony Hayes, who lives just one block away from the scene of Monday’s shooting, the neighborhood doesn't feel safe anymore.

As President of the Bluford Park Community Watch, Hayes plans on asking for help from the city.

"It's time to stop. Let's pull together,” said Hayes. “If we're going to pull together, let's pull together. If not, we will break apart."

Hayes says the elderly members of the community are scared of the youth.

Across the street, Karen Tilley says she constantly worries about her grandchildren playing outside.

“This neighborhood is mostly elderly. The grandchildren also happen to be here,” said Tilley. “I will keep an eye on them and make sure they are safe and make sure all my neighbors are safe.”

Keeping neighbors safe is the number one priority for Hayes.

He spends time helping his elderly neighbors run errands.

“I want to help the elderly to go to the bus stop so guys won't be harassing them,” said Hayes. “If they want to go to the store, they should feel free to go to the store or whatever they want to do. But they are scared to come out.”

Now, he’s extending his efforts to help the community.

Hayes says he plans to ask the Greensboro City Council for more undercover officers to patrol the streets.

“We want to update the neighborhood and make this a better place in Bluford Park,” said Hayes. “If we can do that, we won't have anything to argue about.”

Tilley says it’s going to take a community-wide effort to truly make a difference.

“It's everywhere. It's just something we have to deal with as a people,” said Tilley. “As a community, let's just going to gather and stop it as much as we can.”

According to GPD, Officers responsible for patrolling the Bluford Park area will continue to maintain a presence in this community, and respond to residents’ concerns.

As for the shooting at the Neighborhood Grocery Store, police are still in the early stages of the investigation.

Investigators are still trying to determine how many people were involved in the incident and what motivated the shooting.

According to GPD, the primary driving factor in the police response to the incident will depend on what motivated the shooting.

For example, if police can determine that the shooting was drug-motivated, they would apply one type of response.

If the shooting was domestic, that would illicit a different response.

GPD encourages citizens to call Crime Stoppers if they see suspicious activity.