GREENSBORO, N.C. – If you’re heading downtown during the weekday, you might be bracing yourself for the task of finding a parking spot, then finding change to pay for it.

Now, the City has rolled out a new way to pay, using an app called “Parkmobile.” It’s used in other big cities around the country, and makes it easy for drivers to pay with their card. For people who often park downtown, it can be a struggle to make sure you’re feeding the meter on time.

Lacy Haith's goal is two-fold: to practice his trumpet, and to bring jazz to Greensboro. So he says he’s out playing on the corners a couple time a week, when the parking fees are in full swing.

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“I’m actually parked right there at a meter right now,” he pointed out.

But every couple hours, inconvenience strikes.

“When I'm playing, I just happen to have a feeling to look at my car, and then I have to grab my stuff because I don't want it stolen run over there and put some change in the meter because the meter maid is coming,” he said.

“The parking app will also send a notification if you're parking session is about to expire,” said Stephen Carter, the parking manager for Greensboro’s Transportation Department.

While it won't extend the time you can stay in a spot (two hour spots will be limited to two hours), it will make it easier for folks to pay if you're not carrying change. For a small convenience fee, you won't need to dash across the street to feed the meter.

“It will still be cheaper to use cash, but if you have no cash and you have no coins in your pocket, it enables you to avoid a $15 parking citation,” said Carter.

This applies to the more than 1000 parking space, in street lots and on the street. It doesn't apply to parking decks - where you pay the attendant with cash or a card when you leave.