GREENSBORO, NC -- The holidays get busy quickly and if you're planning on visiting Santa Claus be prepared to wait a long time.

While you're waiting you'll probably pull our your phone, scroll through Facebook or even play a game. But while you have your phone out, why not just call Santa yourself. It's an option thanks to two Greensboro app developers.

"Came up with the idea of actually calling someone live and actually skipping the mall lines and everything we just didn’t know how we were going to do it," Brandon Harris said.

The app lets kids video chat with Santa Claus from their own devices. It launched Monday but Harris said Santa has already made more than 500 calls to kids all around the world. Kids like Kempbell's.

"Typically we go to the mall and talk to Santa so we decided to find another way to talk to Santa," Calvin Kempbell said.

Cambell Kempbell, 12, asked for a puppy. His brother, Colson, wants a Transformers action figure. Sister, Haven Kempbell, said she wants clothes from Santa.

After their video chat, they're confident that they'll see these items on Christmas morning.

The video chat app can cost up to $20.00 for a live call with Santa.