Just like you have a list of things you need to pick up at the store before severe weather, grocery stores are taking note of what they might need, as well.

Lowes Foods is already in talks with vendors and distributors about items that go fast ahead of Hurricane Irma.

Milk, bread, water, eggs, tape and batteries are usually the first to go.

The store wants to make sure their supply is up and that they can accomodate people before it gets too late.

If the weather becomes a safety issue, the store will shut down. It could also shut down in the event of a power outage, but there are ways they can still preserve their food.

"What you see are big refrigerators everywhere with doors," says Mike Clawson, Senior Vice President of Operations at Lowes Foods. "If we keep that door shut, that product will last for days. It's just like being in a big icebox."

So once you stock up, what can you do with your food?

The FDA has some tips:

Put your non-perishables up as high as you can to keep them away from any threat of flooding.
Plan ahead with water: put some bottles in the freezer so you can use them as ice to keep food cold. You can also use them as a cooler in case the power goes out. Stacking foods together in the freezer will also help the food stay colder longer.

As for fresh water, if you can't use your sink, shower or toilet, you can fill up a large container or your bathtub ahead of time to use that water for drinking and sanitation.

Check out fda.gov for more tips.