GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Director of Guilford County Animal Services resigned Wednesday, according to Guilford County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jeff Phillips.

Drew Brinkley's resignation came on the same day the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDACS) slapped the shelter with a $2,500 fine related to the treatment of animals.

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According to a letter sent Wednesday to Guilford County Commissioners, Brinkley resigned from his position but did not give a reason.

Also on Wednesday, the NCDACS sent a notice of violations to Guilford County Deputy Manager Clarence Grier. According to the Civil Penalty Notice, the shelter violated two State Statues:

1. The Notice stated, during an inspection on July 18th, inspectors found 12 animals being housed in an outside enclosure at the back of the shelter that did not contain dog houses or otherwise provide protection from excessive sun. The Notice stated "it was very hot and the animals were in the direct sun. These kennels have metal sheeting on top, sides and back of the kennels which intensifies the sun's heat within the enclosures."

The Notice stated, on previous inspections, inspectors directed Brinkley not to use those enclosures to house animals.

2. On the same July 18th visit, inspectors said they identified an adult cat that was impounded on June 23rd which had not received a rabies vaccination. At the time of the inspection, the animal had been housed at the Shelter for 25 days.

The shelter must either pay the civil penalty or file a written petition for a contested case hearing, within the next 60 days.

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Clarence Grier, the Guilford County Deputy County Manager, will now serve as the interim director of the animal shelter.

Grier said the problems in the citation have been corrected. Guilford County will now formally ask the AG Department to waive the citation since the problems have been corrected.

The county will also advertise for a new director in the future.


Drew Brinkley was the latest Director to take over the shelter in the past couple years. He was hired last August. He previously worked as the operations manager for Orange County Animal Services in Chapel Hill. Brinkley was also an animal control officer, animal care technician and a volunteer at the Orange County Shelter.

He replaced Logan Rustan who resigned in May 2016, just six months after he took the position.

The shelter has had a dark cloud over its head for a while.

Rustan took over the shelter after the United Animal Coalition, which operated both the Guilford and Davidson County animal shelters, faced allegations of abuse, mismanagement of funds and drug violations.

In August 2015 the state pulled the Animal Coalition's licenses to run the two shelters.

Three people faced charges including the former director Marsha Williams.

Williams, her daughter, Dana Williams-King, and another worker, Marissa Studivent, were charged after leaving a dog with a broken back without medical care for an extended period of time.

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Marsha Williams pleaded guilty in Davidson County Court to one count of Misdemeanor Cruelty to Animals and one count of Misdemeanor Obstruction of Justice.

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Williams was ordered to pay a $200 fine and received a 45-suspended sentence and 24 months of supervised probation. The plea deal also meant Williams wouldn't be allowed to apply for any state license or permit related in any way to keeping, care or the adoption of animals. She was also restricted from being around shelters or any charitable organization that runs shelters.

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Dana Williams-King pleaded guilty to Misdemeanor Animal Cruelty in Davidson County Court. She was sentenced to a 45-day suspended sentence and 18 months of probation.

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Williams-King's probation has similar conditions as her mother's including not being allowed to apply for any state license or permit related in any way to keeping, care or the adoption of animals. Williams-King is also restricted from being around shelters or any charitable organization that runs shelters.

Guilford Co. Animal Shelter Civil Penalty Fine