PLEASANT GARDEN, N.C. – An elementary student is recovering after her father said she was bitten by a snake on the Pleasant Garden Elementary School playground Monday.

Jeff Pilkenton says his daughter Ayslee was bitten on the foot by a copperhead, which caused her it to swell. However, he says no anti-venom was needed because her breathing and heartbeat at the hospital was stable. He says she’s doing better, and the swelling has gone down slightly, and she should hopefully be back in class on Friday.

After surveying the playground this morning, Guilford County Schools tells News 2 Pleasant Garden did hold recess, but students were told to stay on the mulched area. On Monday afternoon, after the principal cancelled recess for the rest of the day, faculty and maintenance staff searched the playground and campus for the snake, and put “snake away powder” around the fence line.

GCS Officials say although it’s not something they routinely track, they believe this is the first snake bite of the year.