GREENSBORO, N.C. - City and county workers prepared for the worst, but hoped for the best – with possible winter weather in Monday evening's forecast.

The city loaded up salt and plow trucks. There are about 40 total, and at last check more than thirty were ready to go, filled with tons of salt to treat roads. The trucks were stationed across Greensboro to treat ice if and when it becomes a problem. There wasn't any pretreatment, in case the city got rain instead of ice.

The county's Emergency Management Team is on standby for any issues.

Over the past month – and especially last week, Director Don Campbell says the office has been working significantly more calls, from house fires to frozen pipes, and injuries related to the cold weather. But now, after a week of below freezing temperatures, the situation the area could have faced was unique.

“As the grounds are, we are really concerned that if any rain does fall and hits the ground it will freeze so it's not our typical freezing rain event where we're worried about power outages or trees coming down, it's really the impact on the transportation system right around rush hour,” said Campbell.

Other road concerns included bridges and overpasses, as well as side roads.