It's been more than 2 weeks since Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina.

At it's highest, the number of people displaced to shelters was 4,278.

As of Friday, Oct. 28th, that number is down to less than 400 people.

One person living at a shelter was Dee Bullock. But she wasn't displaced - she was deployed.

"I always knew in the back of my head I had somewhere to go back to but it was heartbreaking knowing that some of these people didn't," Bullock explains.

Bullock is one of 4 Guilford County nurses who volunteered to help care for flood victims.

"I'm a nurse and that's just what we do," she explains. "It's just what we do"

She was at a shelter in Cerro Gordo and said there were more than 150 people there - she stayed in the shelter with them.

"You get on the level of knowing how it feels to have the bare essentials that you need to survive. And it let's you know how thankful you really are."

Bullock said there was still standing water covering homes when she got there. She said the people she cared for would tell her stories of how they escaped the floods.

"We were on the first line. You know, they came here and we were there to assist. And I remember this one lady who said I only have what's on my back."

Bullock says the shelter moved to another area of Columbus County but it's still operating.

Guilford County will be collecting supplies for people affected by the floods through Oct. 31st.

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