BROWNS SUMMIT, NC- A Guilford County Schools bus driver went above and beyond to make sure all of his students picked out a book at the McNair Elementary School book fair.

Oscar Pitt has been a bus driver for 30 years. Making sure his bus is in tip top shape for his riders has become routine.

But his job is far from Mundane.

"He lets us sit in the back if we're good,” fifth grader Dana Long

That’s Because his students see him as not just their bus driver, but also a friend too.

"He's a good person to us,” Long said.

But Pitt said it's not always an easy ride. Sometimes his children misbehave, but he doesn't let it get him down.

"Want to let them know that they're loved,” Pitt said. “Some kids just want someone to hug 'em. They just want somebody to know they love ‘em.”

Pitt always wanted to do something special for his students. So when he found out one of them did really well on an interim report, it clicked.

"Want to encourage them to keep getting the good grades,” he said.

"I was like, ‘raise your hand if you want a book,’” Pitt remembered. “All their hands went up."

With time running out for the McNair school book fair, Pitt wanted to make sure every child was able to buy a book.

"Mr. Oscar said if we all be good, he would give us a book,” third grader Jahmeer Faelke said.

"He came in and said, ‘I want to buy a book for the children on my bus,’” media center specialist Ronda Campbell said.

Campbell said Pitt worked with the school to make it happen. He handed out special passes that allowed his students to buy one book, for around $5.00.

After they picked out their favorite book, Pitt took care of the bill.

"You're a special guy and thank you!” Faelke said.

"Want to give him a hug!” kindergartener Isabella Ramos said.

But Pitt said the hugs and thanks are just an added bonus. Knowing he can help his students be the best they can be is what makes it worth it.

"If I can touch just one life, that's my motto,” Pitt said. “If I can touch just one."