We're getting your questions answered from Triad school leaders!

Guilford County Schools superintendent Dr. Sharon Contreras and Chief Financial Officer Angie Henry joined us on the Good Morning Show.
We asked Dr. Contreras about the state passing a mandate last year, reducing class sizes without providing any more funding. The school board said programs like physical education and the arts could be in jeopardy because of the mandate. 
Dr. Contreras explained some of the problems the district has had with the mandate. She responded by saying there's a shortage of classroom teachers and classroom materials in North Carolina and around the country.


We also mentioned how House Bill 13 would ease some of the restrictions on class sizes. It passed unanimously in the House, but has yet to go before the Senate. We asked if she's in favor of the new bill.
Dr. Contreras said it's a better bill because it's a quarter of the cost but she is not in favor of the regulation by non-educators.
We also brought up how earlier this month a recommended budget was presented.
It includes an $8.2 million dollar increase from the previous school year.
We know some of the money depends on lawmakers amending the mandate for smaller class sizes, but we asked what would you say is the main reason for the budget increase? 
Chief Financial Officer Angie Henry said there's an increase in projected enrollment in charter schools and the remainder of that are anticipated in salary and benefits for employees.