HIGH POINT, NC -- A High Point woman says her motherly instincts might have saved her child's life.

Erin Walker's 2-year-old son Beckett was rushed to the hospital after he was bitten by a black widow spider in his own backyard last Friday.

He's doing better now but Walker says it was extremely frightening.

“I just sat down and James yells that there is a spider in the pool,” said Walker.

At first, she panicked.

“He said it's a black widow. And I was like ‘What!”

After thoroughly checking each one of her kids for bite marks, Walker calmed down.

But about an hour later, everything changed.

“Right after lunch, I laid Beckett down for a nap and that's when he started complaining that his stomach was hurting,” said Walker.

Not taking any chances, Walker rushed her 2-year-old son Beckett to the hospital.

Doctors confirmed he was bitten by a black widow even though the symptoms didn't show up right away.

“Some people calling it momma's instinct,” said Walker. “Maybe it was. I just knew something was not right.”

Pest control experts say black widows are more common than you might think.

Frank Fowler with McNeely Pest Control says his employees see black widows on the job every day.

Not only are they poisonous, but experts say a black widow’s venom is 15x more poisonous than a rattlesnake.

Fowler recommends using a stick to check the crawlspaces in and around your home for spiders.

“Especially inside of a glove or inside of a pair of shoes that you stuck outside, it's always good to check those items beforehand,” said Fowler.

Beckett Walker has fully recovered from his spider bite.

Now, his mom is urging all parents to check everything their kids’ play with outside.

“Take that extra five minutes because it could save their life,” said Walker.

The signs and symptoms of a black widow bite might not show up right away.

If you think you were bitten, look for one or two small fang marks that look like tiny red spots.

Experts say pain, swelling, and redness at the site of the bite are also symptoms of a black widow bite.

Symptoms also include chills, fever, nausea or vomiting, and also numbness.