GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro's Historic Aycock Neighborhood will soon have a new name.  The neighborhood board agreed at a meeting in March to change the name to Dunleath.

Neighborhood Board president David Horth says they put a poll out to neighborhood residents and others in the city asking them what name they wanted to see on the neighborhood and why.  He said Dunleath had the most support.  Dunleath refers to the estate of Robert Dick, considered to be the first person to settle in the neighborhood.

The neighborhood was named after Charles B. Aycock, North Carolina's Governor from 1901-1905.  He was known as the state's Education Governor, but was also an advocate for white supremacy and segregation.  

Guilford County Schools recently decided to change the rename of Aycock Middle School after Melvin Swann.  Swann was the district's first deputy superintendent.  Last year, UNCG removed the name Aycock from its Auditorium.

Horth says they still have to go through the city council to make the name change official, but he expects a motion to do so to pass.