GREENSBORO, NC -- If you've been looking for some relief from the heat, you're in luck. Our meteorologists are guaranteeing that there won't be any heat in the Piedmont over the next week.

The big cool down will begin on Thursday. That's when cooler air from the north will start to filter into the Carolinas. It won't be chilly by any means, but temperatures will only top out in the low 80s on Thursday and Friday with lower humidity as well.

What's to thank for this big shift? A cold front swung through the Triad Wednesday night, allowing more comfortable air from Canada to sink down the East Coast. This pattern will hit the brakes, and stick around for several days.

Temperatures will remain well below normal for at least one week, if not longer, with high temperatures near 80 and low temperatures near 60. Chief Meteorologist Tim Buckley guarantees that there won't be any heat over the next 7 days.

Things will get a bit more humid by the middle of next week when tropical moisture could return, even though it still won't be hot.