BURLINGTON, N.C. – Police have reopened Holly Hill Mall in Burlington after it was placed on lockdown after reports of a man with a gun.

Police said they received an emergency call Friday afternoon from a store clerk about a possible man in the mall with a gun.

Burlington Police Assistant Chief Verdeck said the store clerk told police someone ran out of a store yelling “there’s a man with a gun.”

Within minutes, police and a SWAT team surrounded the mall and secured the area around the building.

Everyone was evacuated from the mall while officers went store to store investigating.

The SWAT team quickly responded and evacuated the mall.

"We did a slow and deliberate search of the mall to make sure there wasn't a gunman inside," said Verdeck.

Verdeck said there were no shots fired and also no victims but still, police don't take these calls lightly.

"Every time we get a call like this, we're going to take it seriously as if it's a threat to the public. As it turns out, we're not finding anything," said Verdeck. "We're not finding any evidence that this even actually did occur. So at this time, it's an unsubstantiated threat."

Holly Hill Mall was on lockdown for about two hours.

It was reopened to the public at about 6:30 PM on Friday.

Police never found a gunman or a weapon.

Managing Partner of Holly Hill Mall David Morton tells WFMY News 2 his mall staff is reviewing surveillance footage to determine who yelled "someone has a gun," which prompted the lockdown.