WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- More than 30 homes will soon be demolished to make way for road improvements.

Business 40 is getting revamped and the first phase of improvements includes widening Peters Creek Parkway and expanding the on and off ramps from the highway.

But some of that expansion runs into houses located on Westdale Avenue, Apple Street, Gregory Street and Park Circle.

The Department of Transportation is working to buy 32 houses in the area that will be demolished.

"I've lived in this neighborhood over a decade," Dythia Viney explained. "I just want to live like anybody else, in peace. I pay my bills and do what you need to do. But through no fault of my own, I'm being uprooted and dislocated."

Viney says she and her three sons have until mid-August to pack their bags. Right now, she's not sure where they'll go.

"I don't want to move them (her sons) from their school district. But we haven't found anywhere else," Viney said.

According to DOT Engineer, Pat Ivey, the department is still negotiating with some homeowners in the area.

"Many of those residents have been in those neighborhoods for years and we certainly hate that they have to be relocated. But quite simply, there's no other way to build the project without impacting those homes," said DOT Engineer, Pat Ivey.

Ivey says he's hoping to have everyone out by the end of August so they can demolish the homes and start construction in September.

The construction on Peters Creek Parkway is expected to take about a year. The road will stay open during construction, according to the DOT.

The main portion of the project calls for a complete shutdown of Business 40. That's expected to start in late 2018 or early 2019.