MOCKSVILLE, NC - The recent heat wave is making things uncomfortable in the Triad.

If staying cool during the day isn't enough to worry about, the night brings out a whole different type of problem -- bats!

Experts say summer is the time when bats turn up in attics and other small crawl spaces around houses.

On Friday, pest control crews treated one Mocksville house for an infestation of bats.

A family of bats tore through Eric Chapman’s window screen -- trying to get in to his home!

“It's just one of those things you have to deal with homeownership,” said Chapman. “With having a family, you don't want to take any chances with health risks.”

Bats can be beneficial to the environment.

In fact, one bat can eat 3,000 insects in just one night!

But you don't want them near your house!

Scott McNeely with McNeely Pest Control says some bats carry diseases and the stuff they leave behind can make you sick!

“Their droppings, guano, can accumulate and can develop fungus that can be harmful to us,” said McNeely. “Also, a small percentage of bats in North Carolina can carry rabies.”

But getting rid of the winged creatures isn’t always easy.

Bats are a protected species.

It's illegal to kill them.

So crews used a bucket truck to trap the bats at Chapman's house -- using a funnel like tool called a "bat cone" to get them out.

It’s one less thing for the new homeowner to worry about.

“There's always something that you least expect,” said Chapman. “Sometimes it's things such as bats.”

Experts say you should check around the outside of your house and look for droppings.

McNeely says finding droppings can be a good indication that there could be bats living around your house.

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