All the fun kicks off at Bank of America stadium in Charlotte at 7 pm tonight. Fans will get to meet players and get excited for football to return. WFMY News 2 is the official station of the Carolina Panthers! Many of you can't wait for the games to begin.

We know that football fans can get hyped up about their favorite teams. Here are some tips to help you have a fabulous season.

When you’re part of big crowd you should expect high energy, loud noises and lots of action. This means that you might get bumped into or someone might yell across you. No, it doesn’t mean it’s on purpose. You can get a quick read on the person by looking at their facial expressions and body language to see whether it was an accident.

Many parents bring their kids to big sporting events. As scary as the thought is of losing your kids in crowds, you can take a couple of preventive measures. For younger children, keep them in front of you as you're walking your way through big crowds. So if they get pushed, they fall back on you. You can use your arms to shield them from other bodies. For older or taller kids, hold their hand, grab their pants at the waist or the back of their shirt. If they balk, it isn’t about looking cool, it’s about being safe.

Fans can get rowdy. They yell and at times, they can drop colorful language you don't want little ears to hear. AS a parent, you not want to get confrontational with those people. So keep an eye out for the rowdy fan, but also use your body as a shield to keep the rowdy fan away from your kid. And switch seats or places with your kid so you’re the one closer to the rowdiness. Later, when you’re home, explain the rowdy behavior in a way your kid understands.

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