GREENSBORO, NC -- Nine members of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Greensboro are currently battling storm conditions in Haiti, giving medical relief to people in need.

They planned this trip long before Hurricane Matthew decided to take aim.

They're all safe and sound, but they surely felt the force of the storm.

They arrived in Haiti on Saturday, just two days before Hurricane Matthew made landfall in the Carribean.

For folks dedicated to mission work -- it is truly a calling.

They know that the places that need go to lend a helping hand come with risks.

But Program Director Ann Morris says that doesn't stop them from doing God's work.

"They are there to do their mission and fortunately that has not been affected," said Morris.

Morris hasn't thought of much more than Hurricane Matthew the last couple of days.

The safety of her nine volunteers in Haiti are one of her biggest worries right now.

"We were really relieved. But they are there for a mission, to serve the people in need, and I think they have really been focused on the people in Haiti who they are there to help," said Morris. "They weren't going to let a little hurricane bother them."

Despite all the rain and wind, Morris says when the group got to the clinic on Tuesday, they had 60 people already waiting in line for them.

The volunteers will finish their mission over the next couple of days.

Morris says other volunteers at Westminster Presbyterian Church are on standby, waiting to respond to areas hit hard by Hurricane Matthew.