GREENSBORO, NC- Petroleum experts said Thursday Hurricane Matthew could affect gasoline supply and prices in the southeast.

Gas Buddy Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick De Haan said as of 11 a.m. Thursday more than 140 gas stations in Florida ran out of gas.

He said parts of Florida and possibly Georgia are susceptible to gas shortages, especially along the coast, where people are evacuating ahead of Hurricane Matthew.

De Haan said Florida could see a 10 cents per gallon increase at the pump in the next week.

North Carolina prices are expected to increase by half that, but not because of Matthew, according to De Haan.

De Haan said gas prices have been on the rise since OPEC announced it could cut production. This comes after gas prices in the southeast rose following the Colonial Pipeline spill in Alabama.

Concerning Matthew, De Haan said North Carolina shouldn’t experience major gas shortages. Though he said if areas experience power outages, drivers may not be able to fill up.

“If there are a few power outages, it won’t be a problem,” De Haan said. “But if there are a lot of power outages, that will be more challenging to find stations with power.”

De Haan wouldn’t speculate whether gas prices will continue to rise in the coming weeks.