You've probably seen it before at the Greensboro Science Center.

A wind tunnel, that's calm one minute and the next, utter chaos.

And that's not all - the Science Center has all the tools to teach you about extreme weather.

"It's all the things that can happen and we show it in its worst forms," explains Martha Regester, Vice President of Education.

And with Hurricane Matthew flirting with the North Carolina coast, the unpredictable might be coming our way.

"Knock down trees, buildings, cars, everything in it's way, and then leaves flooding damage, too," Regester explains.

"We want people to understand what a hurricane is."

And what better way than to get inside one?

This wind simulator maxes out at 78 mph, the same speed as winds in a Category 1 Hurricane.

"You can see what the wind is doing now," Regester says. "Imagine it carrying sticks and rocks and everything with it and that's where you get a lot of damage."

Hurricane Matthew has already hit Cat 5 - which is more than 155 mph.

As the system comes closer to North Carolina, it's expected to be at a Cat 2. That means it could go up to 110 miles per hour.

As for the animals at the Science Center, staff says they have a lockdown plan to make sure all animals are safe during hurricanes and other storms.