It's something you cannot avoid: TV, radio, social media, newspaper, even in the mail, political ads have taken over the airwaves and everywhere else it seems.

But as we watch all these ads tearing down candidates, have you ever thought how they might affect the youngest of minds?

2 Wants to Know's Chad Silber showed some of the negative ads to children to get their reaction.

He sat down with three kids ages 8 to 11 and played two ads for each of them and then asked their thoughts.

The first ad targeted Donald Trump and portrayed young children watching clips of some of the inappropriate things Trump has said.

When asked how it made them feel after they watched it, one child said “Sad.”

Another child said “I just don't really like that commercial.”

A third child added “It was kind of sad. Little children were witnessing bad stuff."

The second ad we showed them was targeted at Hillary Clinton. It was an NRA ad showing a woman who went for her gun that disappeared as someone broke into her home.

When asked how it made them feel after they watched it, one child said “That you should have a gun for self-protection not for hurting other people.”

Another child said “It was kind of scary, someone breaking into your house.”

A third child added “It was kind of dumb. She would probably not do that, we have rights."

We spoke to one of the mom's after we showed her two sons the ads to get her reaction. She said, "As the ads were playing I was cringing at some of the things that were being said and watching my sons watch them and trying to take in what they were saying was causing me anxiety because I wanted to be able to filter it for them."

She also said she was going to talk with her children to help them understand what they're seeing in the ads.