OCEAN ISLE, NC – Robin Stroud and her husband arrived at their vacation house in Ocean Isle on Monday. But, on Tuesday, they were already preparing to leave. The Thomasville couple isn’t taking any chances as Hurricane Matthew threatens to hit the North Carolina coast.

“We’ve had horrible thunderstorms that have really scared us but nothing like this,” say Robin in a FaceTime interview with WFMY.

“It’s scary," Robin added.

Matthew could hit NC over the weekend as a category 2 storm. Ocean Isle, in Brunswick County, is only 20 minutes away from the South Carolina border. On Tuesday afternoon, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley issued an evacuation for all coastal communities 100 miles inland, starting on Wednesday.

The Strouds and Ocean Isle don’t fall under Haley’s mandatory evacuation. As of right now, the Town of Ocean Isle expects to issue a voluntary evacuation in a few days.

“A couple of people I’ve talked to who live here year round, some are staying and some have moved furniture in, getting boats out of the water. I’ve heard others say, 'no, we are leaving either tomorrow or Thursday,'” said Robin. “So, it’s 50/50. Some are staying, some are going.”

The last time Robin remembers a hurricane hitting Ocean Isle was a few years ago. Robin said her and her husband stayed, after a wedding they were attending was canceled.

“It’s wasn’t horrible. There was wind but we stayed and toughed it out,” said Robin.

This time Robin said they will monitor the storm’s progress and will see Matthew weakens substantially over the next couple of days.

If it doesn’t, Robin said, “We’ll put all our furniture inside, make sure there’s nothing outside that can be blown away. Make sure the house is locked up good and just hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”