GREENSBORO, N.C. -- We have good news if you are hitting the road for the holiday weekend. Drivers are expected to see the cheapest Independence Day gas prices since 2005, according to GasBuddy analysts.

"The price of oil has been decreasing through the month of May into June and that's opening up the door to lower gas prices as we approach July 4th," said GasBuddy petroleum analyst, Patrick DeHaan.

In Greensboro and Winston-Salem, the average price of gas was $2.09 on Tuesday. The average price across the United States was $2.21.

DeHaan says, folks planning road trips should still be strategic about where they get gas.

"Make sure the station that you're filling up in has a good deal. Especially when you're crossing state lines," He said. "There's a lot of states that will have much different gas taxes and that can translate into gas prices that just by going over a state line can increase 20 or 40 cents."

According to DeHaan, drivers traveling to South Carolina should consider filling up there because the average price of gas is about 20 cents lower than in North Carolina.

Gas Buddy predicts prices should stay steady between now and July 4.