THOMASVILLE, NC – Many people are still feeling the devastating impacts of Hurricane Matthew, especially the eastern parts of North Carolina.

In some places, there is still several feet of flooding, thousands of homes and businesses damaged, and at least two dozen people have died as a result of the storm.

It's times like this when we lean on each other for help.

We've seen friends and strangers come together over this disaster -- communities helping communities.

One Triad organization is opening their doors to children and mothers hit hardest by the storm.

The NC Baptist Children's Home in Thomasville is more crowded than ever this week.

That's because they're hosting 50 people, including children, mothers, and caregivers from Kinston who are escaping flood damage from Hurricane Matthew.

Sherman, an 18-year-old from Kinston says they're all making sacrifices to help each other stay safe and dry.

“The people here are amazing,” said Sherman. “They just accepted us right in.”

After Hurricane Matthew caused flooding and damage at the NC Baptist Children's Home in Kinston, they all found refuge at the campus in Thomasville.

“Different church groups come out and give us food each day. We've had pizza, we've had a home cooked meals, we've had such amazing things,” said Sherman. “I'm really thankful for that.”

There's not a ton of space left on campus.

NC Baptist Home Communications Director Blake Ragsdale says they usually host about 60 people at a given time.

This week, they’re hosting more than 100 people.

As a result, some kids are having to bunk up together with their mattresses on the floor.

“Everybody has gotten along really, really well. Even when times have been tough and people have been getting anxious, the kids have been fantastic,” said Ragsdale. “Everybody has just pulled together and understands the situation and they're just doing really well.”

Ragsdale says the important thing is everyone is safe and dry.

“It really is like a big family situation,” he said. “You see the family connections and those friendships happening even in the midst of a difficult situation like this one.”

During their stay, the kids are able to play basketball, ride bikes, do arts and crafts, and other activities.

Sherman says he’s extremely thankful for the opportunity to stay at such a nice facility but they know they have a tall task ahead when they return home.

“It's definitely been a huge blessing being here and away from all of the damage that is going on in Kinston,” said Sherman. “But the guys and I are ready to get back and do what needs to be done to get things going back to the way they were.”

The NC Baptist Children's Home in Kinston sustained some pretty serious flooding damage and power outages from downed trees.

However, most of the flooding has reportedly receded and the 50 kids and adults are scheduled to return home Sunday.