NORTH CAROLINA -- In recent months, we have seen homeowners across the country turning the tables on criminals and fighting back.

Mug shots are all over social media sites showing would-be burglars who were beaten up by homeowners.

2 Wants 2 Know took a closer look at what you're legally allowed to do if someone invades your home.

"You, the homeowner, are the first line of defense in protecting your family. You can call us in law enforcement. We are going to come and we're going to come quick," Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page, said. "But we may not be right around the corner."

Under North Carolina's Castle Doctrine, you can use deadly force against anyone who forcefully enters your home, vehicle or workplace if you're in fear.

You're also allowed to use force if that person tries to remove you from one of those places.

However, there are some limits.

"If you repel the assailant or the person who's threatening you and they run away, you can't shoot them while they're running away," Sheriff Page explained.

If the person entering your home is a police officer, bail bondsman or legal resident of the home, Castle Doctrine does not apply.

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